If I Had One Million Dollars... I'd Buy One of These Homes.

If I had one million dollars.... 

I'd buy one of these homes.  

(also, I'd have this song stuck in my head all day.)

Got a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket?  Maybe you bought the dip and sold at the peak and now you need to cash in your Gamestop stonk gains?  Or maybe you're like the rest of us, and just like to look at pictures of pretty houses and day dream about what it would be like to live in a grand, palatial estate. Afterall, it can't hurt to dream!  

So, what exactly can you buy for....

dr evil one million dollars

Let's see... If we head over to the search page, let's just forget our budget and do a quick little look for $1M+ and up, we have a pretty good selection available to us with 88 listings showing up on the map.  

a map of million dollar listings

Since time is money, and we're trying to spend as much of our imaginary riches on a house as possible, let's cut right to the chase and sort this list by price (from most to least expensive, of course).

search for one million dollar listings

Let's see what that house listed for the equivilant of 111 Median Hoosier Household's Incomes looks like. 

If every person in the State chipped in about a buck we could make a cash offer on it right now!

That's $6.25 Million if you don't want to do the math.

(source: https://www.census.gov/quickfacts/IN)

inside of a house listed for 6.25 million

I'm digging that yard, 18 acres of grass for my chickens to freely range on.  Or range freely.  I don't have chickens, but if I had 18 acres I'd probably get some, HOA approved or not. 

haters gonna hate

Moving on with our search for the perfect million dollar plus home, what if we want something a little less formal looking?  Or if the neighbors run us and our beloved little chickens out of town? 

Maybe something a little more country is in order...

Something with a T.C. Steele type of feel.  You ought to be able to sit out on your porch and never feel the need to get away - though we totally would get away all the time now that we're nouveau riche. 

And besides, have you seen how much they charge to ship those concrete lions we're gonna put by the driveway?  Might as well just go and drive them back in the U-Haul while we have it. 

Yes perhaps something like this Brown County barn.  Sounds so not-nice that way doesn't it?  But that's what it says right in the first run-on sentence of a description.  Lake Lodge and Barn.  I wonder if there's a lake there too?

brown county million dollar barn

Pro tip: make sure you drive exactly the speed limit in Nashville, Indiana because the police can and do give tickets for going 1 MPH over the limit - ask me how I know (Unless you're my insurance agent Travis, then this is all satire). 

Look at the inside of this one, and it's about a third of the price of the last one we saw!  

million dollar nashville home

If we buy that one for $2.45 Million instead of the first one we will save almost $4 million dollars.  That's good, because we need to be smart about our money and maybe try to stock up on Pine-Sol when it goes on sale, because we're gonna need it.

Now that we're on the subject, all that wood might be hard to maintain for the long-run.  We don't want to turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet for termites, and I get poison ivy so badly that it's not even funny. 

What would be funny would be to buy a famous house like this one: 

house where take on me was filmed 

I'm pretty sure that's where they filmed the synth-pop classic "Take On Me" by Aha that almost won the 1986 MTV Viewers Choice award. 

Or maybe it's the same seller as the eBay scam I keep falling for again and again.

Here's a photo of the inside: 

take me on video


Speaking of living in the 80's, how about a place with an elevator? 

Those two things aren't very related but how cool would it be to live right by the Artsgarden downtown, atop the Conrad building?

four million dollar condo

This condo can be yours for just $4.3 Million.  Plus the $2,180/month condo fee. 

You might ask what ammenities are included with that small chunk of your budget, but you remember how the Lamborghini salesman snorted when you asked about MPGs. 

my new company car

Check out the company car. 

After all the choices we looked at today, I really don't know what I would pick.  I truly and honestly have no clue which one of those houses I would pick. 

Unfortunately, that's one of the few downsides of a career in real estate: you see so many awesome homes and it's hard to choose your favorite. Or maybe that's just the ADD

Which one of these would you choose and why?  

Start the search for your dream home today at DwellIndy.com 

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